Data-driven workplace for the not-for-profit sector

To create meaningful and sustained change, the hard-won knowledge and experience of not-for-profit organisations must be respected and harnessed.

Data science is the new currency that is powering social reform. New tools allow us to collect, distil, understand and act on data like never before, hastening the pace of change.

Our Community House will ensure the social sector can grasp the possibilities offered by these new tools by trialling and refining new methods for managing and learning from data, and disseminating the tools and lessons to amplify our collective impact.

Participation with the wider social sector:

  • Regular data science meet-ups & workshops held in function spaces

  • Hackathons

  • Transfer of knowledge and lessons through Our Community and other communication channels.

Members can access:

  • A social sector-specific data science lab (on-site team of data scientists)

  • Data communication specialists

  • Connections with leading universities.


Visual Scroller
LGBTIQ+ funding in Australia

In partnership with LGBTIQ+ giving circle, The Channel, we conducted the first comprehensive snapshot of the flow of dollars from government, philanthropy and direct donations to Australia’s rainbow community, and presented the findings as an interactive, visual scroller.


Come along to an upcoming event and get to know others who share a desire to strengthen our society and are involved in data or machine learning, AI, analytics, or visualisation. We’re building a community of like-minded folk and host regular interactive sessions alongside traditional speaker-oriented events.


The What and Why of Data Science for Not-for-Profits

What's "data science" about? How can it multiply impact in the social sector?

Tutorial 1 will dive into these questions and more. This interactive class will explore the rapidly evolving term "data science" (including how a modern data-savvy team operates), outline the different sources and uses of data in typical non-profit settings, and introduce two case studies.

Designed with a practical, next-steps focus, the session's material builds toward an exercise to begin evaluating your own organisation's data capability, and embeds many opportunities to discuss with peers in your sector about your level of understanding and readiness.

Most recent session was 10 October 2019 – future dates TBA

Getting Started with Data Science

Now that you've considered your organisation's data readiness in the first tutorial, you're ready for action!

To get going, Tutorial 2 tackles two fundamental considerations: how to ask good questions and gather high-quality data.

This tutorial will contain lively debate about the best approach to interrogating data and include a hands-on exercise to evaluate data quality (laptops provided). It’s designed for social sector workers who are new to data science but who may have experience with or responsibility for data

Most recent session was 31 October 2019 – future dates TBA


All registrations are $48 (incl. GST), which includes entry to a 90-minute tutorial session, and a Day Pass that provides access to Our Community House co-working facilities for the duration of the day.

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The data lab is an initiative of the Our Community Innovation Lab, where we seed ideas to do old things better or new things first.

This initiative is supported by Equity Trustees, with thanks to the Ella & Mitchell Brazier Fund, Charles Lamond Forrest Estate, James Raymond Hartley Charitable Trust, Charles Frederick William Taylor Estate and Truby & Florence Williams Charitable Trust.